Equipment for horizontal displacements

The MARMOR project will propose a new concept to measure vertical displacements on the order of cm’s which, compared to experiments with large oceanographic vessels, allows :

  1. acoustic noise reduction;
  2. improvement of acoustic emission center;
  3. GNSS positioning and costs reduction of GNSS/A experiment.

The MARMOR concept is based on the acquisition of the following equipment:

  • One USV, to collect multi-parameter measurements for coastline studies and acoustic communication with seafloor sensors.
  • One integrated USBL-Inertial-GNSS device to link the underwater acoustic measurements to GNSS satellites
  • Eight (at least) acoustic beacons at the sea-surface to allow absolute positioning at the sub-centimeter level in a global reference frame through combination with GNSS.

The project also aims to achieve a well thought-out and coordinated fleet of drones  on a national scale. The development phase is ongoing and it is essential to identify a maximum number of scenarios while maintaining this notion of compromise between science, environmental constraints, logistics and finance. A tender will be launched in 2023. The flotilla, the MARMOR flagship drone and the FOF drone are expected to be available in 2023-2024.

In July 2022 a workshop on Experimentation and instrumentation took place in Montpellier. 2 posters on the development of marine drones for oceanographic research was presented and can be found below: 

application/pdf Development of underwater drones for oceanographic research poster 1

application/pdf Development of underwater drones for oceanographic research poster 2

More information about PAMELI can be found here

slideshow horizontal displacement