Financing model

Mobile equipment

The mobile equipment (within elements 1, 2, 3) is by nature “poolable”, hence usable on demand by any actor of the French research, in a comparable way as it has been practiced within the framework of the “Specific Marine Action” of the Résif-Epos network. Private industrial companies will also have access to the Equipment, via a specific fee policy.

Mayotte cabled observatory

Mayotte Cable installation and maintenance
  • The MARMOR Project will use the facilities of the French Oceanographic Fleet for installation and maintenance of the mobile equipment, in the same way as the EMSO-Azores does within EMSO. Once every 5 years -with a yearly revision-, a programme will be submitted to FOF and evaluated by CNFH (the French committee for the Oceanographic Fleet ), upon criteria based on the scientific excellence.
  • Cruises for installation and maintenance of equipment will thus be funded with public funds managed by FOF. During the first 4 years of the project, the deployment of the Ifremer deep-sea moorings and multiparameter stations, as well as the site exploration, will be carried out during already planned cruises around Mayotte. There will be no extra ship time requested to the national fleet. Regarding the cabled observatory, the deployment of the connection nodes and the multi-parameter stations will require an oceanographic vessel equipped with a deep sea ROV. These deployments are expected to take place during the 4th year. If no cruise opportunity were to be found before that time, the Ifremer deep-sea moorings and multiparameter stations would be deployed together with the cable infrastructure (connection nodes).
  • During the operational phase of the project, starting in the 5th year, maintenance cruises on mooring lines and multiparameter stations are targeted to take place ideally once every two years to limit the logistical constraints.
Access to Mayotte observatory
  • The Equipment (cabled and autonomous instruments) within Element 5 (Mayotte) will also be accessible to the national and the international community (through "Trans-National Access" procedures implemented under EMSO or Résif-Epos) as well as to the industry through specific procedures that will guarantee the specific operational monitoring responsibilities, requirements, and priorities of REVOSIMA.
  • The access to equipment on the basis of scientific excellence and the provision of open data will guarantee the quality of scientific production, in terms of communications and publications, as was the case with the creation of Résif, EMSO, and Epos.