Research infrastructures

The mobile Equipment for submarine geodesy and seismology (Elements 1 to 3) will be integrated into the RESIF-EPOS Research Infrastructure. The umbrella of EPOS (European Plate Observing System) will ensure data standardization and systems inter-operability at the international level.

The Mayotte cabled observatory will be proposed as one of the "Regional Facilities" of EMSO-FR (French component of EMSO) and managed in a close coordination with REVOSIMA.  It will strengthen the unique collaboration between several institutions involved in the initiative coordinated by REVOSIMA to monitor the seismo-volcanic crisis (BRGM, IPG Paris, IPG Strasbourg, IGN, OSU OPG Clermont-Ferrand, Ifremer, CUFR Mayotte, SHOM, La Réunion University, GET-OMP Toulouse, La Rochelle University, IsTerre).

In coherence with the objectives of ILICO, the project aims at enabling spatially continuous observations across the shore line (a crucial issue for studying: off-shore sources of hazards; coastline dynamics; seal-level evolution via nearshore data collection; etc).  For instance, the project will extend at sea the French national geodetic network RENAG (REseau NAtional GNSS permanent), particularly in the Ligurian Sea near the  EMSO-LIGURE measurement site of Observatory Service Dyfamed (Dynamics of Atmospheric Fluxes in the MEDiterranean sea) where methodological tests will be performed to improve GNSS/A measurements 

Innovative approaches for submarine monitoring developed within MARMOR will benefit to other French seismological and volcanological observatories (OSV) in La Réunion, Guadeloupe and Martinique