Defining the needs for mobile equipment: feed-back from the scientific community

A study was carried out in 2019 under the umbrella of RESIF-EPOS to help define the mobile equipment required to address the needs of the scientific community. The project is designed based on the results of this consultation and on existing models, such as the national pool of marine instrumentation, presently hosted under the umbrella of IRIS.

 A total of 65 scientists participated to the study, by answering the following questions:

1.Who are you: geodesist ? seismologist ? other ?

2. During the next years (2020-2030), do you plan to participate to projects requiring seafloor instrumentation: yes? no? don’t know?

3. The project should be strictly focused on solid earth science (in blue) or include environmental seismology (in red)?

4. What are your priorities regarding the different activities (wide-angle reflexion seismics ; rapid response ; broad-band seismology ; continuous, pluri-annual monitoring) : low priority (blue) ; medium priority (red) ; high priority (orange) ; absolutely requested (green)

5. Do you think MARMOR should address R&D objectives to develop fiber optics applications: yes (blue); not sure (red)

Based on the results above six project activities were defined.