Mobile Equipment

For solid earth issues, the equipement will improve our capacity to

  • characterize deformation and seismicity at plate boundaries, study the processes leading to the occurrence of major earthquakes and tsunamis
  • study underwater gravity instabilities posing significant local threats to coastal populations
  • understand the volcano dynamics particularly in the French oversea territories
  • image the internal structure of the Earth, down to crustal and mantle scales.


Beyond “Solid Earth” issues, the equipment will also allow address emerging challenges in relation to global environment research, e.g.:

  • oceanography (sea-level fluctuation; coastal and oceanic dynamics at different scales of space and time: swell, internal waves, basin oscillations, mass balances);
  • environment (monitoring of anthropogenic ocean noise pollution; coastal erosion);
  • biology (monitoring of marine mammals; seabed processes -bioturbation, degassing).


The mobile equipment acquired for within Marmor will be integrated to the RESIF-EPOS marine facility and complement the pools presently hosted at IPGP , at GeoAzur, at IUEM-Brest and at Ifremer.