MARMOR project kick off - 29th of March 2022 - In person and webinar


13:50-14:00  Introduction by Ifremer (P.Vincent, DGD Ifremer)

14:00-14:27  Objectives and organisation of the project (L.Géli, H.Leau)

14:27-14:39  Activity 1: Marine Geodesy (V.Ballu)

14:39-14:51  Activity 2: Fast intervention parc (S.Bazin)

14:51-15:03  Activity 3: Marine mobile sismologic parc (W.Crawford)

15:03-15:15  Activity 4: Fibre optic R&D (P. Bernard)

15:15-15:40  Activity 5: Mayotte cabled observatory (X.Bompais)

15:40-15:50  Information system and data management (A. Walpersdorf, C. Satriano)

15:50-16:30   Scientific, administrative and financial update by the ANR (ANR)

16:30-17:00  Q&A (All)

17:00  End of the meeting